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National Certification Board for Natural Therapies (NCBNT) is a non-profit professional organization, established in the year 2006 by a group of natural health practitioners, headquartered in Toronto; members are all over the country. We are one of the most significant natural health practitioner associations in Canada.

Our association certify membership in various fields, such as the holistic manual practitioners, osteopathic manual practitioners, aromatherapists, shiatsu therapists, reflexology practitioners, medical herbalists, aesthetics and SPA practitioners. Our memberships are recognized by Toronto and other GTA cities’ municipal licensing and standards offices, o members are qualified to apply for municipal’s holistic/health licenses.

Our Membership Committee carefully reviews and evaluate applicants’ education and professional training qualification to ensure only qualified applicants will become our members. Our Disciplinary and Complaints Committee monitor all members to ensure theirs follow association’s ethics and practice standards and municipal holistic regulations and by-laws, only to those who are in good standing give an annual membership renewal. Our Education Committee provides members continue education programs through seminars and lectures, online courses and newsletter, to enhance their skills and knowledge.

We are seeking to create a greater awareness of the professionalism, ethics and educational standards for natural health practitioners to satisfy the public interests.[spacer height=”20px”]

Our Missions:

  • To spread the philosophy of natural health practice.
  • To promote the art and science of natural health practice to gain public recolonization
  • To evaluate and certify the qualified membership to satisfy the municipal holistic licensing bylaws and standards
  • To develop continuing education programs for members for their professional development, for retaining and enhancing their knowledge and skills.

New Membership Application

Membership Application Form

The applicant will deliver the completed Membership Application Form to our office by person or mail.


Board of Directors will evaluate the application and support documents to ensure meet membership requirements.


The Board of Directors will approve the qualified application and issue membership certificate to applicants in person or by mail.

Membership Anual Renewal Process

Annual Renewal Application Form

Members fill out the Annual Renewal Form to report if they have contact change, ongoing job training, any criminal charge or misconducts offences in their practice, etc.


Board of Directors will have a meeting to review and evaluate members' annual renewal application.

Issue Renewal Letter

An annual renewal confirmation letter will issue to the members who successfully pass annual renewal evaluation. They then may apply for their holistic license annual renewal from the Municipal Licensing & Standards Office (ML&S).

Frequently Asked Questions


Our association certifies membership in the following categories:

  • Holistic Manual Practice
  • Osteopathic Manual Practice
  • Esthetic & SPA Therapies Practice
  • Aromatherapy Practice
  • Reflexology Practice
  • Shiatsu Therapy Practice
  • Medical Herbalism Practice
  • Nutritional Consulting Practice

We accept only qualified applicants to join the association. Eligible applicants have to satisfy all requirements for membership.

  • Complete the Membership Application Form.
  • Provide supporting documents, including the copy of diploma/certificate of professional education/training.
  • One Recent Taken Photo
  • One photo ID (Driver License, PR Card or Passport).
  • Valid Work Permit in Canada.
  • Membership evaluation/registration fee: $350(check, VISA/MasterCard or cash)
  • Mail or hand in the above application package to us.

We will evaluate your application and grant the membership certificate to the qualified applicant, approved in the same day or few days late if further evaluation and consideration needed.

  1. Initial Registration Fee: $350.
    The fee comprised of evaluation fee, membership fee and certification fee.
  2. Annual Membership Renewal Fee: $80.
    All members have to pay the annual renewal fee to maintain the membership validity. They are required to complete 10 Continuing Education Credits (CECs) to demonstrate professional development. The continuing education program includes seminars from the association, career training in the working place, and self-study of manual therapy techniques etc.


It is the members’ responsibility to apply for the membership. If for some reason a member would like to withdraw his/her membership by themselves:

  • 100 percent refund if requested on the same day of registration;
  • 50 percent refund if requested within three days;
  • 25 percent refund if requested within seven days, and
  • No refund after seven days of registration.


  • No refundable.

Not same.

We are an association to evaluate and certify members’ qualification based on their educational background or equivalent professional practice training.

Applicants obtain their diploma from a recognized school or a certificate from a qualified training workplace.

I am a member because I want to be connected to the profession in addition to my workplace. NCBNT helps
me to keep connected. They open six days a week, always get answers if you contact. It has been educational, enjoyable and inspiring.

Annie Wong

It is important to promote nutural health practice as a profession. NCBNT provides up to date information on it and regulation issues, employment and continue education oppotunities. I appreciate having a reliable source of information from them.

Bill Chang

NCBNT provides peer support on professional development opportunities, online and in-person education, information for holistic practice. It gives a community to the professional designation and a place in which to find continuing education.

Amy Law

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